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A Sampling of Our Selection

Here are a few of the thousands of titles available for order:

"+" = used, in good condition
"=" = special value book; new but available at half price
"*" = new, available at publisher's price
"P" = paperback (assume hardback otherwise)

Binchy, Maeve, +Quentins. $11.00
Braun, Lilian Jackson, +The Cat Who Talked Turkey. $10.00
Bronte, Emily, =Wuthering Heights. $11.00
Grisham, John, +The Broker. $12.00

*King James Bible. $18.95
Felix, Antonia, =Laura, America's First Lady. $12.00
Stark, Daneil & Rosalyn, *The Ultimate Large Print Crossword Puzzle Omnibus. $9.98

Would you like to find out about the many other titles we offer? Let us know, and we will get a catalog right to you in the mail (or in electronic form, if you prefer).

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